I’m working on a Health & Medical exercise and need support.

Hi please help me to write a Report Writing about . Using an APA style guidelines. It includes the following things:

1. Title Page: ” Violence in the Work Place “

2. Table of Contents

3. Abstract or Executive Summary

4. Introduction (or Terms of Reference and Procedure)

5. Findings and/or Discussion

6. Conclusion includes Recommendations

7. References

Note: Please use the APA format to create the document and also use the APA format when you create the references, the document need to have 5 pages. Thank you.

Make sure that the report you are writing is the incident or accident you have encountered in your life. It should be the report you are going to write about your own personal experience. It should not be taken from any article. You will give a reference and cite, but can not be rephrased the incident from any source. If you have not encountered any, then, watch news to see how to report.

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