I don’t know how to handle this History question and need guidance.

we are three student looking for 3 discretion each one should be 400 words so total of 1200 words for all students (4 pages)

when you done send me the discussions then i will send you another student discussions to make a comment (responses ) each response should be 200 words total of 600 for all student (2 pages) i want all the three discussions writing by you and no one else use it before also I do not want them to be same words so the teacher wold not know that the are writing from the same person you have 2 days to give me the discussions and another 2 day to do the responses so total of 4 days

read careful all the information that i send and open all the link that i send to you start with fail name “info” than “all link” and don’t forget to read the powerpoint

i don’t want all the three works look similar and do by the same person also i want them new “no one else have it before”

i will send you all the information when you take the quastion

when you done send every thing in zip folder and that is the most important thing

thank you

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