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1. In your own words, how would you describe the term “corpus delicti” as it applies to a criminal homicide case? Why does the prosecution need to prove the corpus delicti?

2. A homicide is when one person commits the act of murder on another person. I have learned that not all homicides are a crime. But all the scenarios of killing another human being is involved in the definition of a homicide. When it comes to criminal homicides, there are some instances that are not considered in this category. A self defense homicide is not considered a criminal homicide due to the fact that it involves some one defending them selves from being a victim of a homicide. Homicides can result from accidental, reckless or negligent behavior even if there was no intent to harm someone. Illegal killing can range from manslaughter to murder with different degrees of the crime. I have also learned that a homicide can result in a civil suit if someone is accused of a wrongful death. Homicides also come with different levels of sentencing. For example, some states carry the death penalty punishments for murders. But some states just have a mandatory life sentence punishment if the person was found guilty of committing the murder.

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