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Read the comment on my paper and look at the rubric to fix the paper.


Using the feedback from your professor and your classmates, draft and submit a finalized

version of your research project including all the sections discussed in Part 3 (attached). Make sure to

include a Title Page with an interesting title (not part of the page count), a Bibliography at the

end of the essay (not part of the page count), and page #s on each page. The Final Draft should

be 7 – 8 pages long, have 1 inch margins, use 11-12 pt size font.


This paper must include the following sections:

1) Introduction

2) A very detailed description of your portrait

3) Who painted the portrait and where it was made

4) Who commissioned it and who is the subject

5) What the purpose of the portrait was and what elements of the portrait indicate this

6) Conclusion



To insert a footnote in Microsoft Word click on the References tab at the top of the page, and

select the AB Insert Footnote button. You must include footnotes any time you use,

paraphrase, or quote information written by someone else (books, articles, websites) in your



To create a bibliography, make a list in alphabetical order of all the secondary sources you used

in your research project and attach it to the end of your paper. Make sure to order the list in

alphabetical order based on the last names of the authors of these works. For more information

on how to format Bibliographic entries and footnotes refer to the Chicago-Turabian Citation




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