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Write a minimum of a 2-page paper (excluding the title page and bibliography) on a famous mathematician (listed at the end).

The title page must include the following elements:

Name of the mathematician

Picture of the mathematician

Dates of birth and death of the mathematician

Your name and class

Date the paper is due (7/28/19)

The report must include the following information:

Dates of birth and death of the mathematician

Places of birth and death

Living conditions as a child/family life

Educational background

Additional biographical information where applicable

Most significant contribution(s) to the field of mathematics

Relevance of contribution(s) to mathematics today

The paper is to be a minimum of 3 pages of content

that is double-spaced with a 12-point Arial font. It will also have a

cover page with the specifications listed above. In addition to the content pages and the cover page, it will also have a bibliography page. All quotes and information must

be cited accurately and correctly. Merely listing sources in a

bibliography page is unacceptable. Failure to do so will result in a deduction of points as outlined in the rubric. At least 3 different sources are to be used. PLEASE DO NOT CUT AND COPY

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