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Review the legal documents in Chapter 12 Durable Power of Attorney. Consider the importance of legal advice to put these documents in place.
Pretend you are writing an article for a psychology magazine called: “The Omega.” This magazine contains issues relating to death and dying. In your article, include the following:

1. Give your readers a legal “checklist” of items related to end of life decisions, death, and dying (like a step-by-step article so that readers would keep your article and follow that information for reference).

2. Consider the role of ethics and legal factors as each applies to end of life decisions. What ethical factors are there to consider? What should your readers do in order to be fully prepared legally for death? Then, elaborate on the importance of this information in your article.

Then, place your information in a magazine article. To access a website that offers a Free Magazine Template for Word for this project click on the following link: http://www.worddraw.com/magazine-template-word.html (Links to an external site.)

I also attached this template as well.

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