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CT362 Modern Digital Design and Lab

Final Project

This course will contain a final project that will utilize the lessons learned here throughout the term and tie the material together to better cement the information for the students.

The project will be constructed and simulated using Multisim and leverage off of labs performed during the semester. A report will accompany the Multisim project, explaining the key functionality of the circuits’ components, main blocks that make up the circuit and an analysis of the runtime results.


The student will construct a digital alarm clock using basic logic components. The clock will consist of a timer circuit, a divide by 6 counter, a decade counter, and a display module. The alarm will be set by switches in BCD notation and the alarm itself will be instrumented by attaching a light which will illuminate when the alarm time and the clock time match.

The circuit will use the following components:

Timer (555)

7 segment

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