Can you help me understand this History question?

You will login and complete the Discussions for Questions 15, 16, and 17!

Then you will reply to two students posts in other questions AND 1 reply to the instructor

Primary Source Readings and Discussion for Unit Four (50 points):

Read Spielvogel Chapters 12 and 13 and:

Post initial answers to three of these questions in the discussion board for “Unit 4 Discussion” by following the guidelines listed below. Also, post at least two responses to other student’s comments and reply to the follow-up question that your instructor posed to one of your initial posts. See the syllabus for additional details.

“Answers” should specifically address the question(s) asked with reference to factual information or the primary sources. “Responses” should move the discussion forward with an alternate interpretation or add additional pertinent information. Responses should include references to facts or primary sources.

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