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Task: For this assignment you will make an outline to help you begin thinking about and formulating a solution to the problem you identified in your HCP.


1) Begin by “re”-defining your problem in 2-3 succinct sentences. This definition of your problem should be addressed to a reader who is unfamiliar with your topic and may not be convinced that this problem is legitimate or necessary to resolve. Prove to this reader, in your short summary, that this problem is real and that it matters.

2) Define the various consequences of your problem. Who is hurt by this problem and how? Answers to this question should be supported by logos-based evidence. How can you prove through “data” that people are being hurt?

3) Identify the problem’s root causes. This is where your historical analysis comes into play. Was there some event that triggered this problem, some court case, some advancement in technology, or did it evolve over time (this, obviously, is the meat of your HCP)? Include root causes that are both intractable (human behavior), and causes that can be resolved through policy.

4) Outline the major obstacles that are currently preventing this problem from being resolved, including:

5) List ALL potential solutions, even those that seem outrageous. Your solutions should NOT be self-generated but should come from your analysis of what experts have to say on the topic.

6) Cull your potential solutions to those that a) address root causes, and b) overcome major current obstacles. Identify at least ONE expert per solution (without expert credibility your solution will not be very persuasive).

7) Of those solutions mentioned in no. 6, choose the solution that a) is most feasible and b) has the greatest benefit with the fewest costs. This solution may be a stand-alone solution or may be a hybrid of a variety of solutions. Again, identify at least ONE expert who has espoused this solution.

8) Identify your chosen solution’s relative weaknesses to other types of solutions. To what extent can you expect your solution to solve the stated problem. Is this solution temporary or permanent? What potential dangers might the solution create in the future and how might those dangers be addressed.

Please upload your responses to the questions along with a link to the article(s) in which you found this proposed solution.

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