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In Week 1, you discussed the systems requirements. In Week 2, you discussed the design plan. In Week 3, you created the required elicitation techniques. This week, you will continue working on the solution you have envisioned so far. The work that will be added this week will increment the information you have produced, complementing it in a coherent manner.


Add to the Microsoft Word document you created in W3 Project to complete the following tasks:

  • Create the use-case model diagrams for two (2) subjects.
  • Create use-case descriptions for at least two of the use cases you are using in each of your use-case models. The use cases will comprise the following components:
    • Use case title
    • Brief description
    • Flow of events (this is a detailed diagram capturing the internal flows for the use case)
    • Special requirements
    • Precondition
    • Postconditions
    • Extensions
    • Relationships
  • Start creating an object-oriented (OO) class diagram for your system using a tool of your choice. The OO class diagram will include key attributes (data-items), operations (behaviors), and any generalization relationships between classes you would like to highlight.

Support your responses with appropriate research and examples. Cite any sources in APA format.

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