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Please check the milestone three guidelines and rubric for specific instruction.

Please check also Milestone one and two essay for this milestone three essay. This will be on concentration and coursework. I also have attached my coursework worksheet.

Sources 1: In previous modules, you examined the careers and other ambitions that you may be well suited for, and you identified some of the requirements for those professional and personal opportunities. In this module, you will expand your understanding of the knowledge, skills, and other abilities that will help you accomplish your specific goal, and that employers value in the professionals they want to hire. A KSA (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities) is a statement of the attributes required for successful performance in any setting.

  • Knowledge: This group consists of facts and information; it can be described as theoretical or practical understanding.
  • Skills: This group consists of physical and mental acts; it can be described as proficiencies developed through practice.
  • Abilities: This group consists of knowledge, skill, and personal characteristics; it can be described as the attributes that allow us to able to do something.

As you learned in Module Four, some abilities give you the types of grit you need to persist with long-range goals—courage, conscientiousness, endurance, resilience, and excellence.

KSAs can be gained or improved through academic study and through job and life experience. Possessing a diverse range of KSAs is an asset. The more you understand and can apply your KSAs, the better prepared you will be to showcase yourself as an innovative and educated person. In Milestone Three, which is due in this module, you will identify your concentration and the courses that will help you gain the KSAs necessary to achieve your specific goal.

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