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5-2 Milestone Four: Draft of first three sections of Component 2Assignment

Task: Submit to complete this assignment

Submit Milestone Four, a draft of the first three sections of Component 2: Statement of Need, Program Proposal Description and Goals and Objectives, addressing all critical elements from Sections I, II and III of Capstone Component 2.

For additional details, please refer to the Milestone Four Guidelines and Rubric document.Assignment by Saturday @11

Task: Submit to complete this assignment5-1 Discussion: Outcomes and EvaluationDiscussion Topic

Task: Reply to this topic

Starts Jun 1, 2019 11:59 PM

For this discussion, post your answers about the evaluation methods and data to be collected. This discussion will help you formulate Section VI of Capstone Component 2: Human Services Program Proposal.

For your initial post, review the following links: Step 3: Set Goals and Indicators and Step 4: Choose Design and Tool. After reviewing these two websites (and any optional resources), identify how you will conduct the evaluation that will determine effectiveness for the program or intervention.

Consider the following questions while you are composing your initial post:

  • What measurement tool will be used to collect the data, and who will be responsible for collecting the data?
  • How will you determine what data need to be collected and what your rationale is for this particular data?

Consider that measurement tools should be validated and tested on diverse populations.

Finally, evaluate the program for compliance and application to appropriate legal and ethical standards for human services organizations. Need this tonight before 11…

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