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Dobbs, R. (2010) Chapters 11 to 14

Harvard Business Review (2013) Selected by Student

Pink, D. (2013) Chapter

1. Randy Dobbs finishes his book with the themes Focus on the Customer or Spoil the Secret Sauce, Be Proud of your Heritage and What Defines You, One Team or No Team – There’s No Choice, and Change – It’s Never Too Late. Select the chapter that you found to be the most practical, summarize his idea, and suggest how you might use this idea in your role as a leader.

2. Summarize the selection you have read this week from the HBR collection On Innovation. Describe the “big ideas” of the article, and critique your potential use of the ideas presented.

3. In chapter 6, Daniel Pink describes the Importance of Clarity by discussing Finding the Right Problem to Solve, Finding Your Frames, and Finding an Off-Ramp. Describe how you summarized this information, and how it has informed your work on the Innovation Project.

Write 2-3 pages (500-750 words) and submit your essay to the Discussion Board in APA format.

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