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Because this class is about Violent Crime (a.k.a. Crimes Against the Person), I want everyone to be able to list the major categories of violent crime, to know their definitions, and to get an idea of how prevalent each type of violent crime is nationwide. To do this, we are going to use one of the most recognized sources of official crime data: The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports (UCR). The latest full report data is from 2017 (published in 2018) and it is called “Crime in the United States – 2017.” The UCR is discussed in the textbook, but I also want you to visit their official website: (you will have to copy & paste the web address below into your Internet browser—Chrome, Firefox, etc.). The link can also be found under the “Web-Links” button in our Blackboard menu).


For DQ#1:

First: Go to the FBI’s UCR website (above) and look at the section on Violent Crimes (a.k.a. Crimes Against the Person). Then, look it over (navigate the site by clicking on the various links provided) and answer all of the following questions:

1) What are the four major categories of violent crime according to the FBI? Give me the exact names.

2) What are the FBI definitions for each of the four categories/types of violent crime (a.k.a. Crimes Against the Person)?

**Because these are official definitions, you may re-type (do not copy/paste) the FBI definitions, but be sure to use quotation marks. Do not use quotes for any other part of this assignment—paraphrase, meaning, use your own words. If you use quotes anywhere else, you will lose points. Usually I don’t allow the use of quotes, but it is OK for this part of DQ#1.

3) For each type of violent crime, what was the total number of each type of violent crime known to police nationwide in 2017 (for example, how many rapes were reported in 2017)? **Because these are just numbers, you can copy (re-type) them from the UCR.

4) Each year, many cases of rape are not reported to the police, so they do not show up in the official UCR statistics. In your opinion (no right or wrong answer here), why do so many rapes go unreported? How can this be changed? **This is the part of DQ#1 that you can use for your peer-replies because it is based on opinion.

5) In 2013 the FBI changed their official definition of rape—the old definition was “the carnal knowledge of a female forcibly and against her will.” Compare the new definition (on their website) to this old definition—how are they different?

REQUIREMENTS/GRADING RUBRIC: *The course Syllabus describes the grading system in detail.

Word Count for Main/Original Post:Your original post, where you answer all of the questions asked (there is always more than one question within each Discussion Question) must be at least 400 words in length (total). The total word count does NOT include re-typing the questions (which I don’t want you to do), or using a heading, citing the text (which you are not required to do), or your name, etc.

If your post is short of the 400 word minimum you will lose points—for example, if your post is only 100 words, 100 divided by 400 = 0.25 which means that you did only 25% of the assignment and your grade would be 25 points out of 100 possible points (F). You may go over 400 words without any penalty.

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