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3 Very Short Answer Questions

100-150 minimum words each

Must be taken seriously and present College level work

Question #1

1. Listen to the lyrics “In the Ghetto” performed by Elvis Presley


2. Focus on the “life chances” of the individuals’ whose narratives are described in the lyrics. Reflect on how social class perpetuates and maintains poverty considering the discussion questions below.

1.What social institutions and functions of society failed the boy? How?

2.Discuss the boy’s life chances. What life chances did he have/not have?

3.Discuss how poverty and segregation relate to topics of housing and race impacts one’s life chances.

*(Minimum 150 words)*


Question #2

1. Be sure to view “The Myth of Meritocracy” video which provides a short illustration of how historical and contemporary institutional racism has extended significant income and wealth gaps between whites and nonwhites.

After viewing the clip, please reflect on the video clip and discuss your perspective on the concept of meritocracy.

  • Reflect on white privilege and racial stratification, when developing your response.
  • Be sure to use examples in your discussion. These can be personal, current events, or academic.

*(Minimum 100 words)*


Question #3

  1. Identify a movie, (Mean Girls, 2004)
  2. Provide highlights of your video/DVD (What is the video about? Clarity is important!)
  3. Discuss/Explain which major sociological paradigm you feel is most represented in your video/DVD. (Conflict perspective/paradigm)

(Minimum 150 words)

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