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You just basically responding to the student of what you felt compelling and enlightening.

Student paper down below:

For me the high risk of suicide within the prison and jails was a surprising turn of information I had no idea that would be the 2nd leading cause of injury and death and even in that fact I did not realize that it was system-wide men, women juveniles and transgender I, have learned that suicide crosses all racial and religious lines and again I was surprised even more to learn that suicide it impacts prison and jail staff, I would have guess drug abuse or even prison sexual assault. And to learn they are not even contenders with these issues of suicide.

The Discussions Board

When it comes to the discussions board it made the virtual classroom comes to life reading each post gave me a better understand of what the key subject was, thought the discussions board We are allowed the opportunity to ask of questions of my classmates and the best part of that is when they engage and answer your questions, each time the feedback is always something that I look forward to giving me a vivid platform to which I can build upon.

A good example for me was the mention of the pass plan that program had the full attention I was excited to even know that such a program exist and to learn the benefits to those inmates, that are fortunate enough to participate, it is better than the school to jail to prison plan. and that is why I like to end with “see you on the discussions board.” The discussions board is only as good as the students that use it thus, there is nothing that CTU can do to improve the communication process.

Additional Information

I enjoy the discussion board process; it allows the students to interact with each other and to receive feedback from the professor in real-time adds to the overall experiences of actual collage life and for me that’s a needed experience, so I don’t know of any way to enhance the learning experiences and now that you can see the professors on the live chat the opportunity to put their faces with their voices and names is even better.

Overall I am enjoying my learning experiences at Colorado Technical Institute, and to learn 1st hand from the professors and students are the best. So thank you for this chance to lean on this platform it is soo much better for me than the brick and, mortar schools.

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