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Please see attached Word Docs on Assignment #6 for instructions. Assignemnt #5 infroamtion will be utilized in order to complete this assignment.


Implementation of Strategic Options:

For this assignment #6 you will develop an implementation plan for the actions you proposed in the previous assignment #5 (Word Doc Attached). For the current assignment please address the following items:

What are the major actions and investments the company will need to take in order to implement the strategic plan? Major actions could include things like making acquisitions, forming new strategic alliances, building or updating facilities, major technological changes, organizational restructuring, divestments, and other large scale actions related to a particular strategic initiative.

What additional actions will need to be taken in order to ensure that the major actions discussed previously go smoothly? Such actions may include things like gaining access to investment capital, hiring new talent, making sure that the strategic initiative and the associated changes are understood throughout the company, training or retraining employees, due diligence in the case of acquisitions or partnerships, and other supporting activities relevant to implementing the strategic initiative.

Provide some time estimates for completion of the components of your plan. You should include a timeline or a Gantt chart to provide a visual representation of the implementation plan.

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