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This week, our discussion thread is centered on the resource-based view of the firm and clarifying capabilities. Select a Middle Eastern company with which you are familiar and reinforce the approach to resource and capability analysis by applying the principal stages of the analysis from your textbook.

  1. Identify the resources and capabilities of the company.
    1. Choose the functional analysis with Key Success Factors in the industry and identify what resources and capabilities are needed to meet these success factors. State why you made this selection.
    2. Choose the value chain analysis and identify the capabilities and resources for each major value chain activity. State why you made this selection (Figure 5.4).
  2. Discuss the firm’s resources and capabilities in terms of its strategic importance and relative strength.
    1. Discuss the weaknesses and strengths in resources and capabilities. What are the implications for how the firm should compete?
    2. Make recommendations to the firm’s management as to which of the resources you have identified should be invested (or divested) and/or which resources should be acquired.
  3. In your response to student posts, focus on the viability of the suggestions made by other students: To which degree do these suggestions make sense regarding the possibility of gaining a sustainable competitive advantage?


1- APA style.

2- 4-6 paragraphs

3- (2-3) references and don’t forget to reference inside the text.

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