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The difference between revising and editing is simple! Revising is when you are going through the paper and fixing the bigger issues such as the organization of ideas and moving paragraphs around to make the paper flow better. Revising is taking the bigger moves to the paper and it involves considering the strengths and weaknesses of the paper. Revising might involve moving/removing entire paragraphs, extending or narrowing ideas, rewriting vague texts, and adding more to existing paragraphs. Editing deals with the nitty-gritty parts of the paper such as grammatical errors, spelling errors, sentence structure, and punctuation. Editing involves more of the fine little details of the paper and it is an important step because once a paper is edited, it becomes an easier, understandable read! Revising should be done before editing because the ideas need to flow and be understood in order for the paper to be considered a paper. Revising the paper first will make it easier to understand because the ideas will follow one another and the paper will make sense. Editing would come after because at least you won’t be confused and going back and forth if the ideas are all jumbled up.


-check for format (apa, mla, whatever it may be — make sure the format is done well)

-check for any grammatical issues: spelling, punctuation, sentence structure (make sure it is not run-on, incomplete, and make sure sentence structure matches parallel structure), clear word choice + diction, tenses are matching,

-check if transitions are good between paragraphs + topic sentences are relevant to thesis and ties back to it

-check citations both throughout paper + references, citations and references in paper should be consistent

-check quotations — quotes should be quoted right!

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Editing and revising are a major part in having a good essay. Both editing and revising are very important when finishing an essay, however they are both different in use. Revising a paper is making sure a paper flows and well has a well structure. Making sure paragraphs are in their correct order and organized. Editing on the other hand allows revision on a paper regarding punctuation, grammar and word choices.

Revising should be done before editing because it helps the essay make more sense. If paragraphs need to be switched around or more paragraphs need to be added to complete essay. Revising can help an essay be more organized before editing happens. Editing can be done once an essay has been reviewed to prevent time loss.


  1. Spelling
  2. Punctuation
  3. proofread
  4. make sure your thesis is applied correctly
  5. format
  6. Making sure the resources used are creditable
  7. revising
  8. editing

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