I’m studying for my Engineering class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

1)Why is executive sponsorship important to a successful IG program?

2)This assignment asks you to write an explanation and then give examples of Key Performance Indicators.

  • Identify what a qualitative indicator would be. Identify what a quantitative indicator would be. Differentiate them and give two examples for each (4 examples total).
  • What is a leading indicator? What is a lagging indicator? What would make an indicator a leading indicator instead of a lagging indicator? Give two examples of each (4 examples total).
  • Explain the difference between input, process, and output indicators. How an one identify whether an indicator is input, process, or output? Give two examples of each (6 examples total).

Please format the paper in APA style. I will not give a specific length requirement, but please give enough information to adequately and accurately define and explain the difference between these indicators without becoming excessively long.


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