I’m studying for my Art & Design class and need an explanation.

You may already have a favorite work of art, and here is your chance to share!

To create a thread, click “Reply” below. In the Message box, copy and paste a good quality image of your favorite work, and tell us the following:

– Artist

– Medium (i.e. what materials were used to make it?)

– Date

– Size

– Image source

Now, write two paragraphs about the work; in the first, describe the subject matter and style, and in the second, describe the content and any iconography important to the work. *Be sure that you understand the definitions of these terms from Chapter 2 before writing your analysis.

Then click “Post Reply.”

Lastly, reply to a classmate on his/her post about your thoughts of that work. What can you add to your classmate’s analysis to elevate the discussion?

60 points.

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