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You are asked to determine you own personal leadership style. Start taking the self assessment from the Mindtools website( www.mindtools.com/pages/article/leadership-style-quiz.htm) Next, complete the required Goldman reading develop an understanding of your leadership style.

Goleman D (2000, March- April) leadership that gets result Harvard business review retrieved from http:// www. Powereelctronic.ac.uk/doucuments/leadership-that-gets-result.pdf

Based on your experience current reading education and use of self-assessment instrument describe what you think your personal leadership style are. Include the following in your response:

1- develop an understanding of your leadership style.

2- what is / are your style and give an example of hen you have applied your leadership style?

3- in what ways will these style help you to achieve your goals

4- evaluate yourself relative emotional intelligence and explain how you will expand your emotional intelligence.

5- what areas of leadership styles may be shortcoming and how will you improve your leadership

Must be 4 to 5 pages

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