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For this assignment you need to watch and report on the debate between Michael Licona and Yusuf Ismail on the question of whether Jesus was crucified. The debate is available at https://vimeo.com/39439298. Please note that the debate 2 hours in length, thus, it is important to set aside time to view the video and take notes in anticipation of writing your essay as described below.

Contents of assignment

The essay should have the following parts:

1) Write a summary of each presenters’ position. Your summary should be 750 words for each person (that is one section on Licona and one on Ismail). Your summary should identify and explain the main arguments used by each person. This section of the essay should be 1,500 words total.

2) Write a 500 word summary of the rebuttal between Licona and Ismail. (This is just one summary of the exchange not a report of each presenter.)

3) Drawing on your readings for the semester and this video, in 500 words state your own view on whether Jesus was crucified. You should include at a minimum references to two different sources in addition to the debate between Licona and Ismail.


The essay will be 2,500 words total and clearly identify the three sections noted above. Provide the word count at the end of each section. The essay should be written in either MLA or Turabian format and must include a citations/reference page for the references used to support your view. The essay must be submitted in Microsoft Word file format (.doc or .docx) via this assignment link.

Required Textbooks: Bartholomew, C.G. & Goheen, M. W. (2014). The Drama of Scripture: Finding Our Place in the Biblical Story. (2nd ed.). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic. ISBN: 978-0801049569 Walton, J. H., Strauss, M. L., & Cooper, T. (2006). The Essential Bible Companion: Key Insights for Reading God’s Word. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan. ISBN: 978-0310266624

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