I don’t know how to handle this Statistics question and need guidance.

RStudio code

This project will be from chapter 4 to chapter 6 in the R book file. See the link


This project will contain 3 files.

The written report should contain the following six sections:

(1) Introduction to the project; talk about the data and what are they, what are going to do.

(2) Explanations of the data;

(3) Details of the methods;

(4) Results of the data analysis (tables and graphs) explain the data, is it cont or disc. And calculate the mean, median and some statistical functions that you think you should do.

; (5) Discussions and conclusions depend on your datasets.

(6) References of the data.

Calculate the mean and median.

Do some functions and explain the code, the data in the tables and graphs.

https://libguides.uakron.edu/statistics but it should be at least 3 columns and 50 rows. Or any datasets from the internet but, you have to put the link.

you have to put all the code (see the link of R book). You have to use all the code from chapter 4 to chapter 6 in your datasets.

# the code of chapter 4

/* all the code

# the code of chapter 5

/*all the code

# the code of chapter 6

/* all the code

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