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See the following writing guidelines:

• Students will produce written work appropriate to the discipline through a process that involves drafting and revision

based on feedback.

• Students will produce focused and coherent texts that address a specific audience, move effectively between

generalizations and details, make honest use of sources, and engage complex ideas without distortion.

• Students will produce texts that show careful attention to fluent sentence structure, grammatical correctness, and

proper documentation.

• Instructor will identify a suitable subject for scholarly inquiry in the discipline, analyze appropriate primary and

secondary source materials, and support a focused thesis or argument in a clear and coherent product.

• **Each student will submit an Individual WI paper that will be double-spaced totaling 4000 to 4500 words to be

completed in DRAFT AND FINAL VERSIONS. The papers will be peered reviewed by students and instructor. The student

WILL PRESENT the paper in class.

The topic will be in the attached and some guidelines will be provided too.


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