I’m stuck on a Statistics question and need an explanation.

A furniture Company produces tables and chairs. Each table takes four hours of labor from the carpentry department and two hours of labor from the finishing department. Each chair requires three hours of carpentry and one hour of finishing. During the current week, 260 hours of carpentry time are available and 120 hours of finishing time. Each table produced gives a profit of $60 and each chair a profit of $40. How many chairs and tables should be made?

1) Propose an LP formulation for this model

2) Solve this model using the graphical method

3) Solve this model using the simplex method

clearly explain all steps

Need within 8 hours. Making 12 hours to avoid automatch

If possible use graph paper or desmos so i can see correctly the lines of the graph the simplex tables as well, with row reducing equations and the optimal solution
I am attaching a ppt file I found on internet where similar question is solved.

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