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Review the directions under Course Materials before submitting this assignment!

Media Consumption Reflection Assignment #5

For today’s MCR, you must analyze a media example of Hegemony and racisim.

Full Credit = 35 points:

    • Embeded media item directly into post (using the canvas “insert/edit media” tool above), 5 points
    • 1 paragraph description of chosen media = 10 points (See assignment handout for how to do this!)
    • 2 paragraphs of analysis = 10 points
      • These must be substantial paragraphs – with a topic sentence, and well-argued points. Don’t try breaking one good paragraph into two bad ones. Short, two-or-three sentence paragraphs won’t receive full credit.
      • Each of the two analysis paragraphs must have ONE term/concept (including the assigned term for that week’s MCR if applicable), from class list underlined.
      • Remember – two vocab terms – *One within each of your analysis paragraphs* (not within your description)
    • Comment *thoughtfully and substantially* (at least three sentences *that move the discussion forward*) on at least two of your classmates’ posts = 10 points

Start your post with a greeting that uses your classmate’s name (required). Say something meaningful about whatever your classmate has written in their MCR. This is not the place to simply agree and say “good job” to your classmate, (you are encouraged to do that – but it is not sufficient for points). If you agree with what they said, say so, then add something new that they didn’t mention. If you disagree, say so (respectfully) and let us know why. Or tell us something altogether new about the topic.

  • Be sure that your first comment is on a post that has no comments on it yet (if one exists at the time you post).
  • Remember to begin your feedback comments with a greeting that includes the student’s name, so I know who you’re addressing as I view your work in the gradebook.

How To Do Your Media Consumption Reflections (MCRs)

You will analyze and write about ten (10) of your media consumption experiences this semester, as follows:

Choose a media item you have recently consumed.

With the exception of the first two MCRs (when you must choose to analyze advertisements), and the third MCR (when you must choose a news item to analyze), your chosen media could be anything with relevance to this class: a television show, a news broadcast, a song, an article, a book, an advertisement, etc.

Over the semester, choose a variety of different types of media to analyze.

1st Paragraph: Tell us about the item you’re discussing. Describe it. (ie: name, title, what it is, etc.)

      • Embed the item you are discussing within your description. You can embed the item itself, its website, or an article about it. For example, if your media item is a movie, you could embed the movie website or a trailer for the movie.
      • Describe the circumstances under which you consumed the media artifact. In a movie theater with friends? Alone at home on television? While driving, or reading your class homework? Etc.=

2nd and 3rd Paragraphs: Write at least two paragraphs (beyond the description) discussing your media item.

      • Use two of the vocabulary terms, ideas, and/or concepts we are exploring in class (one term per paragraph) – and underline them when you mention them. If there is an assigned term for that week’s MCR, you must use that term as one of your underlined words.
      • Underline one term per paragraph, one time and discuss it fully.
      • The underlined terms must be within your analysis/reflection paragraphs, not within your description paragraph.
        • You must discuss each term you underline. So you may NOT simply say something like: “This is clearly an example of racism and objectification,” and then leave it at that. You have to say why you feel that way. What about that piece of media specifically makes you draw those conclusions?
      • Critically analyze how your term applies, and comment upon what is being communicated about race, gender, sexuality, social class, etc. Your analysis must relate to the class themes of race, gender, sex, class, etc. If you are unsure about how to do a media analysis, consult the Media Education Foundation’s guides for analyzing ads:
        1. Deconstructing a Print Advertisement (Links to an external site.)
        2. Deconstructing a Video Advertisement: (Links to an external site.)
      • Let me know why you chose this particular item to write about, how it relates to our class discussion or readings, and what you personally think/feel about it.
      • I will be looking for personal experiences, insights, and critical thinking as you share your experiences.
      • If you’re analyzing an advertisement (required for your first two reflections – optional after that), be sure to use the 4 step MEF method learned in class (and described below) for analyzing an ad.

Comment thoughtfully and substantially on two or more of your classmates’ entries. Write at least 3 sentences, that *add something new* to the discussion.

Do ten (10) MCRs during the semester.

      • Turn each one in, within the appropriate place on Canvas. Each MCR must be posted by its due date on the Canvas Calendar. No points for late entries.

That’s it! Have fun with this one. Post things you’re genuinely interested in talking about. Make your reflections personal to you and interesting to us.

How to Analyze a Media Artifact:

Be sure to include these steps in your three+ paragraphs:

  1. DESCRIPTION: Denotatively read (describe, depict) the ad you have consumed. (Your first paragraph.)
  2. ANALYSIS: Discover and focus on significant patterns and messages that emerge from your denotative read of the ads. What messages/meanings do you think are generated from your ad in relationship to race, gender, class, and/or sexuality?
  3. INTERPRETATION: Connotatively read your ad by asking and answering the “What does that mean?” and “So what?” questions about your media artifact.
  4. EVALUATION: From your description, analysis, and interpretation of the ad thus far, arrive at a judgment, make an assessment of what you read both denotatively and connotatively. (2-4 should appear in your second and third paragraphs. Your evaluation may appear in a fourth paragraph, if you like.)

Highly Recommended:

The Media Education Foundation’s guides for analyzing ads:

    1. Deconstructing a Print Advertisement (Links to an external site.)
    2. Deconstructing a Video Advertisement:

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