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SNHU Pet Supply has to choose to focus on either Facebook or Instagram. Looking at the SNHU Pet Supply Case Study, decide what you think the best selection is. Discuss why your selection is the most effective site to use. How will the available analytics help you evaluate the interactions with their users? Lastly, name one thing that SNHU Pet Supply will need to be careful about as they move forward with this social media network. Be sure to reference the SNHU case for this week’s discussion.

In responding to your peers, comment on the social media selection they made. Do you agree or disagree with their decision to use Facebook or Instagram? Please explain your reasoning and provide details on why you agree or disagree.


Reply 1: Jenny Melville

Given the case study, I would suggest SNHU Pet Supply focuses on Facebook and continues to grow engagement on the platform. Current analysis of Facebook shows a good rate of clicks and engagement on the platform. Compared to Instagram, the current plan is considerately better than that of Instagram so building out sole plan for Facebook would be much more impactful.

Analytics on Facebook are also more robust than that on Instagram, giving us more insight as to what type of content people interact with and also allows us to specifically target ad spend and monitor with a closer eye. Facebook allows us to track and analyze various types of content such as blogs, testimonials or mems to see where and how we can drive engagement on the platform, which will also enable us to drive traffic to our website or to various retail locations to convert consumers at a higher rate than Instagram. For example, the consumer testimonial showed an reach of 5,000 and an engagement rate of 1,000 clicks and 700 comments/reactions to the post, compared to an Instagram reach of 2,234 for an entire week. By comparing the data, we can see that our Facebook overall engagement is a much higher rate than that of Instagram.

One thing that SNHU Pet Supply will need to be careful of on this platform is the utilization of “fun” material to drive engagement. I say this because the purchase intentionality of an engagement on a meme is not as high as a purchase intentionality of someone who is clicking through an informational post regarding ingredients. While you may get more engagement on the “fun” posts, it may not translate as well over conversion.

Reply 2: Amy Olson

From looking at the data that was provided, I believe that SNHU Pet Supply should first focus on Facebook as their social media platform to develop further. According to Lyfe marketing “With Facebook ads, you are able to target those who are most likely willing and ready to purchase your products or services. This ensures that your business gets your ad content in front of the right users at the right time” (2019). Facebook also has a more diverse amount of users that would make it easier for SNHU Pet Supply to reach their target market. With what Facebook can offer a business would allow for SNHU Pet Supply to be able to grow their business through the social media platform and allow for more consumers buying products through their online store.

With the analytics that have been provided for this case study, this information gives us a baseline on where we can take SNHU Pet Supply to the next level in regards to the business page and content that is posted for the users. The ultimate goal is to see an increase in the areas of page views, post engagement, reach and website clicks. With having a baseline within the case study it would be easy for SNHU Pet Supply to be able to monitor how effective their Facebook content is and make improvements that are necessary.

The major thing that SNHU Pet Supply can be careful with the social media platform of choice is to ensure that the content that is being put out there is meaningful for the consumer. Posting about sales or specials, what the core values is of the company, and the different types of products that they are offer are essential in engaging with the consumer. It is also necessary that any feedback that a consumer leaves is responded to in a timely matter which will help with keeping customer satisfaction high. The best companies that utilize Facebook are engaging with their consumers and this goes along way in ensuring repeat business.


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