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Our first discussion forum focuses on pseudoscience and its effects on our society. Before posting, make sure you’ve read the online lecture on Anthropology and Science, particularly the two external links in the Pseudoscience section. Choose either Question 1 or 2 below. Write a response to the question in the Reply box.

1. Browse the web and find an example of a product that is marketed in a way that you’d consider to be pseudoscience rather than legitimate science. Briefly describe the product (try to provide a link to the website or paste the website into your post so others can refer to it). Then explain why you think it is pseudoscientific, using evidence lfrom the product’s website to support your argument.

2. Do you think pseudoscience is necessarily harmful, or are there instances where it can be harmless or even beneficial to people? What about companies who use pseudoscience in their marketing, particularly claims about health products and services? Should there be more stringent restrictions on this type of advertising, or is it ultimately up to the public to be informed consumers and decide for themselves?

In order to obtain maximum credit, you need to contribute 3 posts, one original post and two responses to other students. Your original post should be at least 150 words long. While there is no minimum length for responses, they should be meaningful and thoughtful. Just writing, “I agree with you,” is not acceptable. You need to explain why and support your argument with evidence.

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