I’m stuck on a English question and need an explanation.

For this part of your paper, please submit an outline of your paper as well as find and list a minimum of five sources (including the three primary sources – classic myth, modern myth, parallel myth theorist you have already provided, for a total of 5 listed sources). Two of your sources must be books while the other two may be journal articles, films or web sources.

1. Correctly site your sources in MLA format.

2. Your outline must have three levels of complexity. Example:

The first level, let’s say numbered by roman numerals (I. , II. , etc.), corresponds to groups of paragraphs.
The second level, which corresponds to paragraphs, is numbered by numbers (1, 2, etc)
The third level, which are individual ideas in each paragraph, are numbered by letters. (a, b, c, etc…)

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