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Assignment Instructions

Term Paper Outline: please create the outline for your paper.

The outline should include the following all in APA format:

  • Title page with title, name date, class, professor, and university info
  • top level headers which outline what you will be talking about in your paper
  • second level headers which outline some detail header for each of your top level headers
  • a list of bibliography of at least half of the 10 required for your paper
                • Term Paper Topic: Viruses
  • The term paper topic that I chose to go with is Viruses. In this term paper I will begin with explaining what a virus is and how you can get it as well as a brief history of viruses. I will be covering the different types of viruses that are out there, what they do and the damages that a virus is capable of. I will also explain preventative measures that one can take to help defend themselves from viruses. Additionally, I will go into detail on how to remove viruses from a computer and different softwares that are out there to help in doing so.

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