I’m trying to learn for my Business class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Hey guys! So I have a lot of homework to do and I really need help with this assignment. These are discussion questions and I need them answered in the order I put them down below. Also, I need help creating interview questions. Please write the discussion questions in a separate document pleasseeeeeee.

1. How do you define networking? Why is networking important to job-seekers? With whom, where and when should you network? What are some of the best venues for networking? How many people should be in your network and why?

2. What is an informational interview? How can informational interviews be valuable? How should we approach conducting an informational interview?

3. . Now that we have networking clearly defined, let’s start discussing our assignment this week and our upcoming interaction with working professionals we might want to interview. That’s right, I’m opening the discussion board up to help you complete the assignment this week! I think it is important that each of you get a strong list of networking questions before you do your interviews. Open-ended questions are an insightful way to allow the professionals you are interviewing to ‘share their stories’ and experiences. Let’s use the discussion board to share resources and questions that may be valuable to your assignment this week and your overall networking project we will be completing throughout the term. Here is an example of a website I would consider useful as you formulate your questions, Million-Dollar Networking Questions by Duncan Nuggets: http://duncannuggets.com/2007/07/million-dollar-networking-questions.html (Links to an external site.)


For this assignment you will ultimately be going into the community and speaking with two people that have jobs you are considering or are in industries your are considering for your career. This is an opportunity to further explore career paths you may be interested in or even ‘moving up the ladder’ in your current career path. I would like for you to prepare questions for a 25-30 minute interview with each professional (2). I will be reviewing your questions before you conduct your interviews, but start thinking about who you might want to interview and specifically in what fields. Be sure your questions are pinpointed toward your target audience and think about what questions you have before pursuing that career field. This week only the questions are due, 10 points for each set of questions. Make sure there are an adequate number of questions to allow for a 25-30 minute interview with each professional.

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