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After reading Chapter 7 in your textbook, develop a specific service recovery process and options for customer recovery for each of the following situations. Also include a process for measuring customer satisfaction for each:

  1. For servers at a restaurant: a customer doesn’t like his food.
  2. For a cell phone service call center: A customer is disappointed by the number of dropped calls she has been experiencing.
  3. For an office manager: You didn’t order enough supplies, and your co-workers are upset they don’t have the materials they need to finish their job.
  4. For a day care owner: One of your employees told a child to “shut up” and the parent found out about it and is very upset.
  5. For a contractor: You have been very busy and unable to complete a customer’s two-bathroom remodel on time. The customer is angry because she expects company and the bathrooms are not complete.

Writing must be college level, including grammar, spelling, puncuation and syntax. Important, please proofread for comprehension before submitting.

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  1. Specific service recovery processes and options for customer recovery and include a process for measuring customer satisfaction for each.

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