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I want you to write two responds to this two writing. first you should agree with there idea there write what you agree with.


Two quotes that stood out to me were “What I mean is don’t be a person who seeks out grief. There is enough of that in life” (page 87, chapter 7) and “I learn that I am a tiny piece of a miraculous world” (page 17, chapter 2) The first quote resonated with me because I am guilty of wanting to watch a sad movie or listen to sad music when I am feeling down so when the cab driver told Marin this after he heard about the books she enjoys to read I took notice. The second quote stood out because the thought of how big the world is has always crossed my mind. Back home, the population is extremely small compared to other places, so being in America, which has a population that is 248 times the population of home, makes me remember how big the world is and I am just playing a really insignificant role in it.

Throughout the book, I was constantly wondering how Mabel organized to meet Marin and stay by her if Marin was not responding to her texts or messages. They must have communicated sometime to work everything out yet that was not made clear by the book. Another question I had was if it was normal for Mabel and Marin to just go off to the custodian’s home? Personally, if I was in that situation I would have definitely hesitated at the idea of going to the house of a man I have never met, even if the was no electricity and the dorms were freezing.

An essay idea is to compare the story of Jane Eyre, which was referenced quite a bit, to Marin’s life as they seem to have a deeper connection than what was made clear.


Reading this book is like reliving every moment of the time before someone close to you dies and appreciating people who are there for you. “I first appeared in this doorway two weeks after Gramps died” (Chapter 1, page 1). This quote from chapter one introduces us to the character of Marin who wastes no time in setting up her mental and emotional state, so the reader understands the dilemma that she is facing. Nobody knows how to deal with death until the time comes when they have to experience it. This would be the thesis idea that I thought of after reading the book. I could relate to the struggles that Marin faced when her grandfather died. It is a time of loneliness and confusion, when you don’t want to do anything but cry. “Go ahead and listen to that same song on repeat until its sound turns to nothing and you sleep the winter away” (Chapter 1, page 2). Again in chapter one, Marin vividly describes the mundane process of going through the motions of everyday life when your world has been turned upside down. How do people cope when they are deeply upset and agitated ?

I think this is a valuable book for people of all ages to read, but especially for young people who are looking forward to their future. Dealing with the death of a loved one can get in the way of progress, if you are not sure how to cope with it. Marin finds some solace through friendship, but when Mabel leaves for college winter break she feels truly alone. This is a troubling time for her and her sadness is so realistically portrayed by the author. The emotion builds until the return of Mabel, which is a wonderfully written scene where you just know how much Marin is anticipating her return. Is it possible that the author have had a similar experience ? The way LaCour describes every detail of Marin’s thoughts and emotions makes it clear the writer herself must have experienced grief at one time and knows the pain it can cause. Marin finds comfort in her relationship with Mabel and their friendship eases the pain of the loss of her grandfather. I think that is an important lesson for people who have lost somebody close to them. Take solace in good friends and those who care about you. They are there for you and can help you through troubled times. With a friend she knows will be there for her, Marin finally realizes she will be okay.

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