I need help with a Computer Science question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

3 Post and write Post A, Post B, Post C

Post A should be 150- 250 words

Post B should be 100+ word

Post C should be 100+ word
APA format and add references, and check plagiarism add references.


Briefly describe what these “analysis” are and offer 2 benefits examples of each:

“what- if analysis”, “sensitivity analysis”, and “goal- seeking analysis”

If the manager said, “How many servers will be needed to reduce the waiting time of customers to less than 5 minutes?” What is the best analysis to use? and Why?

Briefly describe the major characteristic of Simulation and list at least 5 advantages of using simulation.


Go to https://palisade.com/evolver/ and examine the capabilities of Evolver. Write a summary about your findings.

p.s. And yes, Evolver is available by itself or as part of the Decision Tools Suite, Palisade’s complete risk and decision analysis toolkit. Free to explore the sofware.

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