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This week’s readings implore us to think beyond procedural ethics–or beyond the IRB. Please address the following questions:

  • In her reflexive analyses of the ethical dilemmas she faced and navigated doing research in Mexico, Gloria González-Lopez introduces two new concepts–maquiladora syndrome and mindful ethics. Please define both of these. For the former, how did the author work to counterbalance any negative impacts of her work? For the latter, how might you apply the principles of mindful ethics in your own research projects?
  • Howard Zinn challenge us to rethink research, who it benefits, and why. Use this post as an opportunity to reflect on what you learned. What did Zinn argue? Does this impact how you view the research enterprise, or how you might conduct your own?

Your post should be roughly 300-400 words. To receive full credit, write a post that integrates examples (i.e. direct quotes, data, stories, etc.) from the reading with: 1) your life and personal observations, 2) current events, OR 3) existing scholarship.

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