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1.Describe the two components that make up subjective well-being (SWB). What are the two Big Five traits most strongly associated with SWB? (3 points)

2. Although more research needs to be done connecting personality to spirituality, researchers have found connections between the Big Five traits and the following virtues: gratitude, forgiveness, inspiration, and humor. Choose two of these virtues and explain how they relate to Big Five traits. (3 points)

3. The authors state that three processes can help to explain the link between health and personality. Briefly describe one of these processes and the specific research related to it. (4 points)

4. Research has found significant links between certain Big Five traits and psychological disorders. Give the trait(s) associated with a) substance abuse, b) anxiety, c) depression. (3 points)

5. Previous research has shown a reliable link between higher neuroticism and lower relationship quality. The authors describe a reciprocal process to explain this finding. Briefly describe this process. (4 points)

6. The Big Five dimensions have also been linked to occupational interests. Describe how the dimensions are related to “occupational types.” (3 points)

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