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  • Use only assigned materials as provided
  • Use the GRADING RUBRIC, it will help us reach the assignment goal and good grades

Assignment instructions: TTP-3 Project Schedule with Dependency Links.pdf–Read Carefully

  • To be successful at this assignment you will need to rely on the Week 2 Lecture, How to Build Work Breakdown Structures
  • Review the Case Scenario and TTP-2 – Project Charter (including the instructions); these sections will provide valuable information — have attached doc below
  • Make sure you have configured MS-Project exactly as specified in the ITP-1 Assignment; this will be part of your TTP-3 grade —Project Fields to Include in ITP Deliverables.pdf
  • Finish objective #2 (Enter the WBS into MS-Project) as soon as possible; in other words, in the first half of week 4 (DON’T WAIT UNTIL SATURDAY NIGHT!), ideally by Tuesday night—-Please handle this part(4) now and submit by tomorrow

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