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Marketing Plan Requirements : What you need to do :

Assume you are the Strategic Marketing Team for a new product or service.
● The research and development team for the company has just designed a new product or service and has turned it over to your team to develop a marketing plan.
● The product that has been developed falls into the category of new to the world – in other words, nothing like this product exists now.
● The development team has already tested the product so your team can make the assumption that it works and that any technology needed for the product is available

The product we chose is called AIDA, which is targeted for the elderly market. It is a robot which is created for personal support. Personal support being the function, comes with sub-functions :

  1. medicine
  2. 911 support
  3. security
  4. language feature
  5. cleaning/ cooking

Product Description:

  • Androids purchased to perform labour for the consumer
  • Provision of service-sector labour: Personal support (medicine, 911 support, security, language feature, cooking/cleaning)
  • Androids will be known as AIDA
    • AIDA (Android Interface Domestic Assistant)
  • AIDA available in both a female and male design
    • AIDA-X (female), AIDA-Y (male)
      • Based on XX and XY chromosomes
  • Androids intended to be human-like (voice, appearance, friendly personality, etc.

    What needs to be done :
    Environmental Scan (1.5-2 pages POINT FORM) :
    ● Create an environmental scan of relevant factors to consider before launching your product/service.
    ● Consider legal, political, economic, technical, cultural and social factors. (Take these as heading and write about it)
    ● Depending on your product/service, some factors may be more relevant than others or not relevant at all.
    ● For every factor ensure you relate the facts to the strategic marketing implications for your product / service.
    ● Cite all laws, charts, etc.. referenced

    ****NOTE : I will be presenting this work. When you write in point form, explain the point below in another color so i can emphasize on those point as i present.

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