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I need 4 tasks completed:

Task 1 Due on 2/5 Milestone 2

Analyze your two chosen pieces (My book choices are Dracula by Bram Stoker and Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice) from a semantic perspective, including denotations (i.e., literal meanings) and connotations (i.e., associations created) of specific words. How does the choice of words in each piece reflect semantic ideas and concepts? Next, describe the register levels used in the written or spoken works and how they are used. Lastly, explain how the stylistic elements of the written and spoken works inform the reader of the meaning behind the chosen works. How do the stylistics inform our understanding of the plot? The characters? The setting? Overall, you are critiquing the use of language in each piece. Be sure to focus on whether or not the pieces use language appropriately, following established linguistic principles discussed in the learning module.

You must read and cover all the topics in the rubric. The paper must be at least 3 pages long.

Task 2 Due on 2/6 5-1 Discussion

This discussion is designed to help you prepare for Milestone Three. In Milestone Three, you will be asked to translate a passage from one of your selections for the final project, adjusting it to the language environment represented by the audience of your second selection. In other words, you are asked to choose one of the pieces and rewrite it as needed to reflect the time period of the other selection. This discussion directly supports the creation of Milestone Three.

Create two slides: one that depicts an original passage from the first selection you are using for your final project, and a second that revises that passage for presentation to the audience of your second selection. As you revise, consider the impact of the syntax and semantics. Do you need to change word order to revise your passage? Do you need to use a synonym that better captures the tone for the second audience?

Your slides can be produced in one of several formats: They should be attached to your initial post as PowerPoint slides, a two-page Word document, a link to a Prezi presentation, or two embedded image files. Based on the feedback you receive, you may include these slides as visual illustrations in Milestone Three.

Task 3 Due on 2/8 5-1 Peer Replies

In your reply posts, share whether you think your classmates’ revisions reflect appropriate use of language for the adjusted audiences. Have the intended messages been altered with the revisions?

I will provide the post from my peers on Thursday. The 2 peer responses must be directed at the person that posted them as though we are having a conversation.

Task 4 Due on 2/10: Milestone 3

Submit a draft analysis of the various influences on the language used in the selected pieces, particularly the time periods in which the pieces were created. Consider your two chosen pieces (My book choices are Dracula by Bram Stoker and Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice) and identify the following:

  • The time period reflected in each piece
  • The use of language that distinguishes the time period represented

Choose one of the pieces and describe changes that would need to be made to reflect the time period of the other piece. Explain how the use of language in the chosen pieces helps or hinders the pieces’ ability to properly convey their intended message. Make recommendations as to how the pieces could be changed to better align with the standard use of language and linguistic principles, taking time periods into account. Explain how the pieces utilize elements of language differently due to their difference in time periods.

Describe how the following factors influenced the written and spoken language habits in these pieces:

  • Environmental (where the piece takes place)
  • Historical (when the piece takes place OR when it was written)
  • Cultural (the cultural or societal influences of the characters, the writer, or possibly the intended audience)

You must read and cover all the topics in the rubric. The paper must be at least 3 pages long.

All tasks must be in MLA format and must be completed by the dates listed beside the description.You will need to be familiar with the literary works that I have selected (Dracula and Interview with a Vampire)

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