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Your initial post of three articles will have the following format:

  • APA References entry (the full entry that includes author, date, etc.)
  • Three-five sentence summary of the article (the main ideas and important details) with in-text citations
    • Remember that you need to pick up all of the main ideas and important details in your summary, so you need to pick an article that’s not too long to summarize in 3-5 sentences. The sweet spot for article length is between 800-1000words.
    • Do not pick editorials or anything that is clearly labeled as opinion only. You want articles that contain data.
    • Don’t use quotes unless the words cannot be changed or are notable. The reason is that you have to reduce the number of words while still capturing the important ideas. You can’t do that if you’re using quotes.
    • All information from the source needs to be cited whether you paraphrased or quoted. (Don’t quote – paraphrase.) You can cite every sentence or you can do a frame citation. (Please see the lexicon for examples of frame citations.)
  • Two-three sentence reaction to the article
    • This is where you examine your reaction to the information. You can comment on the quality of the data, the quality of the analysis, the questions left unanswered, the questions left unasked, or any number of other questions. What you can’t do is just tell me that you liked it or not.
    • When you discuss what you learned, offer specifics from the original source and cite them as you are reacting to them.

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