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Read the Research Problem #3 from Chapter 2 in your textbook

When you go to the www.top500.org Web site you will need to click on the current list (at the time of this writing it was November/2019) to go to the top 10 supercomputers. When choosing a supercomputer to research Choose any from the United States. There are 5 to choose from in Nov/2019

  • The Research Problem should include 2 pages
    • This does not include title pages or reference pages
    • This is at least 2 FULL written pages
  • Summary of the supercomputer you chose
  • Answer to the questions for the research problem which are based on the textbook readings or outside sources (these are not your opinion but you can include comments)
    • I looked through these computers and you can find plenty of information on the company/organization, needs, supercomputer itself, nodes and makeup of the system
  • Conclusion which is your thoughts on the research problem and its contents
  • In completing the research problem I want at least 3 in-text citations referencing the text book material or an outside source backing up your comments/answers

Present the paper in Microsoft Office Word document format. Name the file LastName_Reserach_Problem_1.doc and submit it to the Online Venue (Moodle) by the beginning of Monday class of Week 3.

  • All written assignments and responses should follow either MLA/APA rules
    • Title page (in MLA the title is usually on the first page but, the instructor can request a title page and this is what I am asking for so that there is at least 2 full pages of content)
    • No paragraph spacing
    • Double spaced/12pt font size/ Times New Roman
    • 1” margins (top, bottom, left and right)
    • References and in-text citations follows either the APA or MLA rules
    • Can follow link for the Purdue Owl site for information on MLA/APA: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/2/

Important things, Please follow all these steps above. Please use your won words and, please do not copy any information from any website because my Dr uses the Plagiairsm checker. I have chosen to be searching for ( Sirerra supercomputer)

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