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Create a SIMPLE BILATERAL CONTRACT (example: hair brushing)

Make yourself familiar with all terms relating to contracts.

Here are some areas you should concern yourself with.

Type of contract:Unilateral Contract, Bilateral Contracts, Invitations to Treat

The Six Elements of a contract:


Acceptance, Rejection, or Counteroffer





  • This is a formal paper; it requires to be submitted electronically prior to or on the due date. Cover page with course name and number, professor’s name and title


  • Typed single space using (Georgia 12-point font).
  • Proper foot notes and/or quotations apply.
  • Plagiarism policies apply with all assignment (see CSI for policy information).
  • Hard copies or hand written assignment will not be accepted.
  • Any deviation from required submission will result in an “F” grade.

“Construct a simple contract utilizing the requirement of writing”

Make sure to identify the required elements of a contract in order to guaranty your contract is sound.

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