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Option #1: Final Portfolio Project (General)

[Product or service associated with a United States of America (U.S.) for-profit business of interest to you]

You are the International Business Management Adviser to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a successful corporation of your choice. The company desires continued market growth. In addition to financial success, the company’s CEO is interested in maintaining the highest of ethical standards and engaging in sustainable business practices.

Your job is to use the resources provided in the modules from this course, and your independent research, to create a market entry strategy to tap an appropriate foreign country market not currently aligned with this corporation. The project should cover the following points.

  • Introduce the company including the company’s full legal name. Identify if the company is publicly traded and its market capitalization.
  • Provide a description of the company.
  • Define and introduce the industry(ies) in which the company operates.
  • Provide a description of the industry(ies).
  • Include a figure showing the analysis of the company’s position given Porter’s (1990) Diamond Analysis. Identify if the company is likely to succeed outside of U.S. given the findings of the analysis.
  • Describe the company’s competitive strategy(ies) used in the U.S.
  • Describe the company’s corporate level strategy(ies) used in the U.S.
  • Identify the company’s domestic customer(s).
  • Analyze the readiness of the company to engage in international business.
  • Justify the selection of the company’s target country market you selected using primary and secondary screening techniques. What cross-border opportunities are present, which opportunities are the most viable?
  • Include a table that contains a CAGE analysis (cultural distance, administrative and political distance, geographic distance, and economic distance), required reading in Module Five, (Ghemawat, 2001) for the target country market.
  • Analyze the target country markets relative to labor (e.g., costs, work ethic, productivity, availability, etc.), infrastructure, natural resources, regulations and sustainability. Identify synergies between the organization’s culture and societal factors of the selected country for expansion efforts.
  • Describe the company’s target country customer (is the target country’s customer different from the U.S. customer)—if so explain how.
  • Define and defend the entry strategy used to enter the target country market.
  • Define and defend the company’s international competitive strategy(ies) and international corporate level strategy(ies) likely to employed.
  • Explain if outsourcing is used in the target country market and if you recommend this action.
  • Identify CSR opportunities, ethical risks and actions to support or mitigate these areas.
  • Justify follow-on/new opportunities that the company might pursue. Include an appendix with a memo communicating this intended action for distribution throughout the company.

Submission Requirements:

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