I’m working on a Film question and need guidance to help me study.

“Essay,” asks you to respond in essayform (i.e., with a well-developed argument including an introduction, analysis and conclusion) to a question about a broad concept from the class that connects issues from across lecture, readings and screenings. There will be one essay question on the exam. (50 points for Essay)

essay question:

How do we distinguish between “history” and “historiography”? Why is this distinction important? Compare and contrast Ken Burns’s Empire of the Air, and Michele Hilmes’s Only Connect in terms of this distinction. How do their approaches differ? How do the sources used create a different history of the broadcast medium? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each approach?

The Michele Hilmes’s Only Connect I upload.

Ken Burns’s Empire of the Air please search by yourself. Thank you~

You don’t need to write too much, the most important thing is follow the requirements and question. Please write at lease 1 page.

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