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  1. Go to a website of your choice and search for Canada Bonds. (I recommend https://markets.businessinsider.com/bonds )

Choose 5 different Canadian bonds with the following characteristics:

  1. A bond with $1,000 face value, 6% coupon, market interest rates of %7, and three years to maturity.
  1. A $1000 face value bond has a 10% coupon rate, its current price is $960, and its price is expected to increase to $980 next year. Calculate the current yield, the expected rate of capital gain, and the expected rate of return.
  1. If there is a decline in interest rates, which would you rather be holding, a long-term bond or a short-term bond?Explain.
  1. Albert, a financial advisor in greater Halifax area, has just emailed his clients giving them the following advice: “there is no doubt that long-term bonds are a great investment because their interest rates are over 20%.” Comment generally on Albert’s advice. Do you agree him? Disagree? Or uncertain?
  1. If you suspect that a company will go bankrupt next year, which would you rather hold, bonds issued by the company or equities issued by the company?Explain
  1. Why might you be willing to make a loan to your neighbour by putting funds in the bank and having the bank lend her the funds at 10% interest rate, rather than lend her the funds yourself?

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