I need help with a Marketing question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

  • Each submission is to be 1 page in length and presented in MEMO format (think email brief, but the assignment is uploaded in Canvas); students must identify an opportunity and discuss viable options for an organization based on analysis of the “case”. PLEASE NOTE – this is NOT a book report about WHAT the ARTICLE/CASE/STORY was about but rather the key are marketing strategy take-a-ways which another organization can use.
  • Students should use terms, vocabulary, frameworks, and concepts from the course in their analysis; these concepts (MINIMUM OF THREE PER ASSIGNMENT) should be BOLDED in the body of the memo and not merely THROWN in but rather correctly and effectively synthesized into the discussion. Check the week’s assigned readings for key vocabulary.
  • Students are expected to do external/additional research on the industry or the company as a contextfor the analysis. A bibliography listing THREE OTHER SOURCES beyond the focal reading is required. Students are asked to remember to cite the course article.

The Memo format should assure that submissions are short, concise and insightful.

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