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In the on-ground sections of Psych 11, we host a “Baby Day” in our classroom. On Baby Day, 4-6 parents bring their child (ages 0-2) for a 40-minute play session. As a class, we sit around them in a big circle and observe, sometimes interacting with the parents and children. Students complete an observation and then write a paper connecting what they observed to the theories and concepts that we have been learning about in class.

Unfortunately, this isn’t something we can replicate in an online class. However, we are able to adapt the assignment to meet the same goals.

In order to complete the Baby Day paper, you will choose 1 of the children from the Babies documentary and use your observations from the video to complete this assignment.

  1. Download a copy of the Baby Day AssignmentPreview the document instructions.
  2. Download a copy of the Baby Day Student Sample #1Preview the document. Here is a copy of a previously submitted paper based on an in-person Baby Day. Use this to give you an idea of the content and depth of required for this assignment.

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