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essay should be 3-5 pages (850-1400 words). If you include quotations or research from outside sources, please cite the information correctly and include a References page.


Quite often a small or large technological advancement can profoundly change the way a community, nation, or the world lives. In this assignment you will use research and writing skills to create substantive writing sample on one of the topics listed below which requires analysis of primary and secondary sources. Your research paper should be 4-6 pages in length on one of major Inventions of the World selected from the list. You will also create a Presentation using contemporary forms of technology to present your research to your instructor and classmates. This project is divided into four parts:

1. bibliography
2. outline
3. rough draft
4. final draft

5. presentation

You will receive detailed feedback on your rough draft from your instructor so that you could improve on your final draft.

The Tone of this Paper
The tone of this paper is formal and critical. Slang and colloquial phrases should be avoided, as should breathy superlatives (great, wonderful, awesome).
Formal does not mean full of big words; rather, you should write as though you are presenting your findings to Congress or to a court — plainly, but with weighty dignity. Since this is a formal paper, you should write in third person and avoid contractions (use “it is” v. “it’s).

Your Audience
The audience for this paper is any educated person: your instructor, your classmates. Your audience does not share (or know about) your personal beliefs. Avoid speaking of religion, and do not strive to find a moral to the historical story.
You may assume that your reader is knowledgeable about history; assume they know a bit about the subject but are not experts.

Prepare a bibliography documented in APA format. You are required to have at least three sources including one primary.

A primary source is a first-hand account of a person, event, or idea. Primary sources provide the “evidence” from which historians construct their vision of the past.

A secondary source is a source constructed by historians and others by piecing together primary sources. A primary source does not mean a better resource – it simply refers to a creation contemporary to the events being examined.

Analyzing a document means asking the “five Ws” questions – Who? What? Where? When? Why?
Evaluating a source involves using the answers from your analysis to explain the document’s significance to the history of the period. When evaluating primary and secondary sources you should answer the following questions:
Who was the author and who was the audience?
What type of document is it? What is the topic (subject) and author’s thesis? What was the purpose of the document or motive for writing it? Does the writer have an obvious bias?
Where was the document written? What about the setting is important for understanding the author’s motivation and purpose?
When was the document written and what was its effect on history? What was the historical context for the document? (i.e., what was going on at the time that might have influenced the author’s opinions?) If it is a secondary source, how did the source affect your view of the topic or event?
Why was the document written? The purpose may be stated in the document itself or it may be inferred by reading between the lines. Is the document credible (believable); why or why not?

You are required to submit a proofread, well-written, grammatically correct final draft of at least 800 words in length.

For an example of an outline, see the following:

Additional Resources

Writing, and Researching for History: A Guide for College Students http://www.bowdoin.edu/writing-guides/index-10.htm


Presentation Instructions
For your presentation, you should provide 5 slides plus a title slide with your name and a bibliography slide (seven slides total). The seventh slide should contain an annotated bibliography of at least three sources you found particularly interesting. “Annotated” means there should be a sentence or two about each source explaining why that source is worth reading or looking at.

There should be more than just text on the slides. Use media like portraits, images of documents important to the subject, etc. Your presentation should be approximately 10 minutes long.

Summary of Presentation Requirements
5 slides in PowerPoint or another medium
A title slide gives more than the topic. It should tell the audience something important about the thesis, and it should have your name
The final slide should contain an annotated bibliography of at least 3 suggested readings
Slides must contain images or other media and not just text
All slides are captioned
Presentation should be proofread and well-polished

The Presentation may use any tool you would like including but not limited to Youtube, Power Point, and Prezi.

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