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These are two completely separate papers

#1 Extraordinary Rendition

Research the topic of “extraordinary rendition.”

1. Discuss the history and application of extraordinary rendition.

2. Research and discuss one person who has been subject to extraordinary rendition. You may research one of the people listed below or someone of your choosing who has been subject to extraordinary rendition.

Majid Mahmud Ahmed

Khaled El-Masri

Abu Omar

3. Prior to studying this topic in this class were you aware of extraordinary rendition?

4. What are your thoughts about extraordinary rendition?

5. Do you agree or disagree with the practice? Explain why you agree or disagree with the practice of extraordinary rendition.


* Minimum of 3 sources;

* APA formatted citations.

2 pages

#2 Bomb Threats

Threats to bomb a school or public building are damaging, even if the threat is a hoax. As a result, most states make it a crime to make a bomb threat against a public place or building, even if the person making the threat does not intend to carry out the threat. The mens rea requirement under these statutes is typically “knowingly” making the threat with the intent to cause alarm.

1.Does a call from an inmate at a mental institution to a 911 operator stating bombs have been hidden at an airport violate this statute?

See State v. Ballew, 272 P.3d 925 (Wash. App. 2012).


* Your paper should be a minimum of 2 full pages in length;


3 sources

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